We'll be Tourists for the Weekend

This week was jam-packed! On Thursday our fiscal quarter ended. Meaning drinks were a must after a long day of work. Suffice it to say Friday was tough.

Even so, I had to power through because Marr (Smarr) decided to make the trip down to London for the weekend, and we had so much to do.

We ended up going out for a few drinks with some of my co-workers on Friday, but ended our night early chilling out and watching TV shows. You know... because I was tired from Thursday, and he was tired from school. One of the shows just happened to be "New Girl," which I like (not ashamed), but Smarr didn't take to it.

Since Smarr had never been to London, we decided to be tourists for the majority of Saturday. We started at St. James Park stopping to see Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Parliament, The London Eye, The Globe Theatre, London Bridge, Borough Market, Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London. I put some pictures below.

What a day! We ended up walking ~17km (10.5 miles) and were definitely worn out by the time we got home. Smarr ended up taking a nap, but that's neither here nor there.

A few hours later my roommate's friend from Coventry arrived and the night was about to begin.

A club was in our future. We bought tickets for Village Underground last week. My roommate and I ended up missing the original sale so we bought them from a guy "selling" them on their site (through comments). Turned out, we bought fake tickets and wasted £70 between 4 of us. Never again!!

We only found out once we got to the doors and tried to get in. Luckily they had a few tickets at the door. Successful save!

Long story short, we ended up staying out until 5am listening to some "deep house" as my roommate referred to it. Had an awesome time, but I'm sure my eardrums don't feel the same.

It rained most of today unfortunately; making us cancel our trip to the Brick Lane market. I don't think either of us minded after the night we had.

It was a great weekend! Very nice to have a buddy from back home visit, especially so soon after I arrived. We brainstormed some travel ideas for the time he's here (only a year), and now it's just time to follow through!!

Until next time...

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