To Infinity and Beyond


My Grandparents are very dear to me, like they are to most of us. They are the people you can do no wrong in front of. They spoil you without hesitation. They are included in some of our fondest memories.

Unfortunately, a realisation has slapped me in the face. They will not be around forever.

Over the past year I lost my Grandpa to illness, and it seems my Grandma is close behind.

On Easter, I found out she wasn't doing well. She was given weeks to months. The next day, it diminished to days to weeks.

I called her after getting this nightmare of news, and my heart broke. Tears streamed down my face as we talked. She sounded defeated, totally withdrawn. She told me what a great grandson I was.

Her congestive heart failure had consumed her, and she had given up.

Not only was I sad, but I was also consumed with guilt. I had skipped Christmas, in the US, to go on a three-week holiday to Thailand with some friends. What was I thinking?

Not being able to live with myself if I didn't see her before the end, I was on a flight the next day.

During the trip, all I could think about was her being absent from my life. I wanted her to live as long as possible, but I soon realised how selfish that was.

Walking into her room, it was clear this person in front of me was not the Grandma I had come to know and to love. It was a shell of the loving person she used to be, totally consumed by her illness.

It became clear that sooner was better than later after she continually asked my Aunt how much more she would have to endure. All she wanted to do was go see Grandpa.

I will never forget what she said. "I've had a good life, but I'm at a point where I cannot live it anymore. It's my time."

It was at this moment I empathised with her. She was right. Her life had been great. Her family had made her proud. It was her time.

While she is still around at the moment, time is not on her side. God willing, it will be quick and painless as she's been through enough.

Here's to my Grandma. Here's to my Grandpa. I know they will always be looking upon us, smiling, knowing they created a lasting legacy of which they can be proud.

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