The Royal Wedding

Matt and Marc said we'd go for one; just one. Seven drinks later and I'm finally on my way home. Much to my dismay, I hadn't packed yet. I was drunk. I was leaving for an adventure that would span the better part of the month the next day. Drunkenly throwing clothes in a bag, almost forgetting my suit, and "misplacing" things were all on my list that night.

Astonishingly enough I ended up packing most of what I needed. How my drunk self remembered everything I will never know. But enough with that, it was time to get to the airport. While I do tout London's public transit, taking it to Heathrow on a weekday hung-over made me question my decision.

Luckily, Delta, the second worst airline I've ever been on after United, handed my flight off to their partner, Virgin Atlantic. Being treated like an actual human being made me never want to fly on an American based airline again.

What lies ahead? I still had yet to figure out much of it, but first on the list was Indianapolis. Uprooting my life a year ago was the last time I'd stepped foot in that State. Seeing long lost friends, co-workers, and the countless shenanigans were the only things on my list. Little did I know, I'd be pushed to the max.

After a wonderful delay by Delta, they suck, and 16 hours after leaving London, Indianapolis was finally the view outside my window seat. Soon enough there'd be time for sleep, but what was first on the list? Beer pong, of course. After winning a few games sleep came naturally.

The wedding was in a few days, so in the mean time we had one of the biggest and best "family reunions" to date. Attendees travelled from far and wide making it a very special few days for all of us.

And finally, the wedding was here. Everyone knew this would be a good one and were prepared to make it so. It was one of the warmest nights I've had in a while, with London being so tepid year round. Dancing and sweating ensued, and I had a hard time getting drunk. No matter, alcohol was not needed in order to have a good time.

The night ended and all the hooligans sauntered back to their dwellings. Surely the next day would not be kind to them.

The weekend came to an end and it was time for work. Since "Labor Day" doesn't exist in the UK, I had the whole office to myself. Exploring my old stomping grounds was quite weird. We'd added another floor, teams had moved, teams had changed, and finding a seat was not the easiest.

Seeing all my old co-workers was great. They still used some of the tech I'd built long ago, which was solid to see. But after five days of 8am - 8pm or longer it was time to relax.

It just so happens I cannot get my birthday past one of my old roommates. It's really not a big deal, and since I was turning 26 a big deal was the last thing I wanted. Even with the deceit and "forgetfulness" he found out and we were off to Purdue.

Talk about a place that has changed. The place was almost unrecognizable. A new building here. A road changed there. A total remodeling of the fraternity house. What was going on with the place I had come to know as home only a few short years ago?

Suffice it to say we kept in the college tradition. A quick trip to breakfast club, tailgating in the parking lot, more tailgating at Slayter Hill, and watching the last half of a college football game Purdue would actually win.

Of course it was time for the bars when we got back to Indy. Aside from an area being cleared by a fart, no it wasn't Carney, everything flowed well. Long islands at Kilroys, dancing and drinking at Brothers, and more dancing at Rock Lobster. But 2am hit and after starting the day at 7am it was time to crash. Some of us don't nap as well as others.

As any good transplant trying to adjust in the UK, I’ve started to call soccer football. Since being back it's been a struggle getting the terms right, but today was time for football. Or as the British sometimes call it "handegg."

Fountain square, the hipster part of Indy seemed like the only place to watch the epic battle of manliness. After the finishing of the afternoon games, we treated ourselves to some of the best burgers in Indy. It's only been a few days since, but I still dream about it. Next time Indy calls my name I will be making a stop there.

The first part of my month adventure came to a close and it's now time to switch to "fun" work mode. "Fun" work mode is something that rarely exists in the US, but since the team is taking SF by storm, it will happen. Motto of the week, "Work hard, play hard."

Until next time...

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