Six months? No way

I cannot believe it's been six months since moving to London.

I remember my first few days like it was yesterday. I was living in a hostel, working, searching for a place, and trying to make friends all at the same time.

Much has changed since, but, to be honest, it doesn't feel like six months have passed.

It's kind of like the feeling I had right before graduating from university. How could five years have passed so quickly? I just started college, what gives?

I'm sure we've all had this feeling at some point or another.

But, enough time has passed for me to realize I really like this place. Everyone seems to ask me, "How long are you here for? Are you moving back soon?"

At first it took me a while to answer, as I had no clue. Now, I can honestly say I have no plans of moving back in the near future. Maybe it's the big city life or the fact that this is totally new to me, I cannot tell. I love it here already.

I've finally started to feel like I belong. I've started to call London home. For the first few months it definitely didn't feel like it.

I think everyone has this feeling when they move somewhere outside of there comfort zone. A few people have said it takes six months to feel "at home" in a new city, and I'd have to agree.

Some of my "patriotic" friends may hate me for this next part, but I don't miss the United States in the least. I've especially enjoyed not having to watch FOX news anymore.

Now, let's make this perfectly clear. I miss my friends 100%, and it's great when they come visit, but I don't miss the places I used to live.

If the first six months were this good, I cannot wait to see what the next six months holds!

Until next time...

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