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I was finally back in London after the wedding of a century and a horrible experience with airlines. But, I had no time to deal with jetlag and a small cold that had consumed me. It was time for Malta.

When Johnny invited me to Carnival a few months ago I thought nothing of it. It was going to be great. I get to go to a place few people have heard of and even less have been. Being the extroverted introvert that I am, I felt a little nervous about meeting everyone as departure loomed only a little ways in the future.

This was the first trip I've take on the infamous RyanAir. I'm sure you've heard of it. It's the really cheap one where everyone claps after landing. Clapping? Why? Because, you know, the plane actually landed.

To be perfectly honest the flight wasn't bad. I understand why people either don't mind it or hate it. I feel it all comes down to whether or not you can fit in your seat. A good percentage of Americans (because we're fat) would probably have trouble fitting comfortably. I would hate to be the person sitting next to those people.

We stayed at Johnny's house the first night, which was great. Met the family, the dogs, and found out how small Malta really is. The guy next to us on the plane talked about how Maltese houses are cold, and later that night I found out was he right. Turns out stone isn't a good insulator!

It was finally Friday and time to head over to Gozo. After taking the ferry to the island, we made our way up to the farmhouse. I was a little disappointed when I saw a regular house and not a "farmhouse." I thought farmhouse meant a farm, but, silly me, it doesn't!

Warning: Sweeping generalizations based on my time there and people I've met

I'm not going to go into detail about everything that happened, or I'd be here all day (so would you), but I can't go this whole post without mentioning the parties.

So, below is a picture of us dressed as a Freddie Mercury impersonator. You heard me right. An impersonator, not the man himself. I won't explain any further here, but feel free to ask if you want to know more.

JMM goes to Malta

While I had fun at all the parties we went to, my favourite part was meeting everyone; bringing me to the main thing I want to highlight in this post.

Malta/the Maltese reminded me of family, in general. I mentioned I was nervous to meet everyone, but I worried for no reason. Everyone I met was very welcoming, but I don't think they made any effort to do so. I think that's how they naturally are.

It was quite funny being an American there. I got to hear some "amazing" American accents. I was asked all about my upbringing (thanks Stu). One of my favourites was, "Why'd you come all the way here just for Carnival?"

Theories. I heard a lot of theories. One that comes to mind quickly is how perfume got its name (thanks Stu, again).

Overall, it was an amazing journey. Hopefully I'll get to go back in the summer and experience some of the amazing weather!

Until next time...

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