Finding a place. Easier said than done

It's been two weeks since I got on a plane and moved my life to London. Quite the two weeks I might add! I lived in a hostel, went all over the city trying to find a place to live, and started my job.

The Hostel

Before leaving the US, I booked my hostel through Hostelworld, as most travelers do. I had no idea what to expect as the ratings were pretty good, but some of the reviews were questionable.

Astor's Victoria turned out to be great! The first week I ended up staying in a 4 person room (smallest in the hostel I later learned), where my roommates were only staying for a day or so. The second week, I moved into a room of 12 people. The people in this room were pretty quite also.

I ended up meeting a good amount of "long term" travelers during my second week, and wish I would have met them the week prior. A pretty cool girl from Canada (didn't know cool Canadians existed), a guy from Argentina who creates music for video games and is putting together a band, and a few Australian blokes (they're everywhere).

Overall, staying here was pretty good and super cheap. If I had booked it for the month it would have been cheaper than the place I'm living now.

Finding a place

This was the hardest thing ever. I used Spareroom to find places, and ended up going to a few flats that only had rooms (no living area). Since I know very few people here and wanted to meet everyone, I decided those were not for me.

After narrowing my search to exactly what I wanted, I sent over 100 messages trying to view places. I only got around 15 responses, and that turned into around 9 "interviews." 9/100 is pretty poor. Good thing I don't have to do this again for 6 months.

I ended up not getting most of the places I "interviewed" for, and to be honest, it was quite demotivating. I got over that quickly because I like to think everything happens for a reason.

And it all worked out. I ended up finding a place in east London with a buddy from work I met during my first interview here in January. It's great place, with a shared living area. We even have a pull out couch for visitors.

My Living room the day of move in

My Job

Let's not forget why I'm in London! I started my job the day after I got off the flight. Everyone kept on asking if I was tired, but I think the adrenaline of it all kept me going.

Love it so far, and have started contributing a little bit already. It only took me 3 months to do the same at my last job, so I'd say I'm on the right track! The building is super awesome, and we're on the 27th floor! I can't complain.

Salesforce Tower

Until next time...

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