A New Year

Since time immemorial we've set New Year's resolutions. We've set goals for ourselves, hoping to accomplish them in the upcoming year.

I, like most, am no different. I have my own goals, my own aspirations.

But, year after year I would find myself looking back and wondering if I had accomplished anything.

I know I went to the gym, but was it as much as I wanted?

- Me

This is the all too common aspect of New Year's resolutions. Most of us set "generic" goals. These include but are not limited to, "be healthier," "be more social," "try things outside my comfort zone," etc.

Do you see a problem with any of these? If not, think about how you measure being healthier. How do you measure being more social? With resolutions worded this way, you don't.

So, I decided to do something different this year. I made my goals measurable.

For example, I want to travel more. Instead of setting a goal like "travel more," my goal is to visit 5 new places. See the difference? If I don't visit 5 new places this year, I've failed. I can now measure my improvement!

Right around now, resolutions are fading from most people's minds. We are starting to put off those things we've thought long and hard about accomplishing. Don't let that be the case for you.

If you're starting a gym program, go to the gym. Don't worry about those assholes that think you're crowding their temple. They seem to forget that they did the same thing once upon a time.

Anyways, here are about half the goals I've set and hope to accomplish in 2016.

  1. Travel to 5 places I haven't been to before
  2. Run a 10K
  3. Run half marathon
  4. Run a marathon (distance-wise in one go)
  5. Run 600km in the year
  6. Take one language course
  7. Build a software project every 4 months
  8. Publish at least 4 photos a month (getting into photography)
  9. Play football/soccer again

Good luck!

Until next time...

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