Reflecting on 2018 and Planning 2019

I've gotten into doing these goal setting things at the beginning of the years. I like doing them publicly. It pushes me a bit more to complete them.

Unfortunately, last year I didn't think of or publish my goals until a couple months after the beginning of the year. So, this year I've tried to get them out sooner than later. Before we get into the goals for the new year, I want to summarise how I did on the goals I set for 2018. If you'd like to follow along, they are posted here.

Reflecting on 2018

Travel to 5 new places (cities, countries, etc.) - no passthroughs. I killed this one. Travelling to Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Wales, and multiple places in France. All of these places left me with so many great memories.

Take more French classes (at least 3 courses this year). I ended up finishing Level 2 at the l'Alliance Francaise De Londres. While this accomplishes the goal I set out, I completed this early on during the year. Next year, I want to keep this in my goals but include timings so it doesn't only happen in the beginning of the year or I do something outside of classes.

Read a new book every two months. Unfortunately, I missed this by one book. This will be on my list for next year. I think losing my job had an impact on this as I had to dedicate my time elsewhere.

Retool my server. Done!!! I'm out of Rackspace and completely hosted on GCP. I ended up using Terraform and bash scripts to set it up. Honestly, it was a great experience.

Update all Ghost blogs. Done!!! All of my ghost blogs are on the latest current version, making future upgrades much easier. They are also on GCP.

Create a new site. Done! It's a minimal site where I try to capture a bit of "me." It can be seen at

Run 4 10k's and Run 600km in the year. Not even close to being completed. In the beginning of the year started going to the gym more, but cut my cardio. This was by accident. During the middle of the year I then pretty much stopped doing stuff. My fault, I need to get back into it. And for the latter half/third of the year, I started going to the gym much more, but still lacked cardio. Definitely need to make this a priority for next year.

Planning 2019

Before I get into listing my goals I want to give the overarching things I'm trying to accomplish. I'm hoping that I can then tailor my goals to these, instead of just listing goals. Let's give it a shot.

  • Improve physical and mental fitness
  • Be more positive in unforeseen situations
  • Improve range of skills at work
  • Be a better friend and partner

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get down and dirty with the goal writing.

  1. Travel to 5 new places (cities, countries, etc.) - no passthroughs.
    Categories: Be more positive in unforeseen situations, be a better partner
    This is by far one of my favourite goals and has been one for the past few years. Exploring and travelling to new places will have plenty of unforeseen situations, so plenty of opportunities to improve.
  2. Read a new book every two months.
    Categories: Improve mental fitness
    I almost made this happen last year, but I missed it by one month due to me mismanaging my time. I'm hoping that in addition to improving my mental fitness this will help with my time management as well.
  3. Improve my French with classes and online modules
    Categories: Improve mental fitness
    Last year I accomplished my goal, but I later revised it as being a poorly set goal. The reason being that I finished my goal within the first half of the year. Then I took a break and life took over and I wasn't able to sign up for more classes. So, to be specific, I would like to progress one or two levels in classes, and when I'm not doing classes I want to complete a module of online classes every week.
  4. Plan more activities with my partner
    Categories: Be a better friend and partner
    I just need to do this as I'm not doing as much as I should. Activities include date nights, travelling, etc.
  5. Catch up with friends on a regular basis
    Categories: Be a better friend and partner
    I have a bad habit of taking long breaks between chatting back to friends. Sometimes I feel like I'm being a bad friend, so I want to make a more concerted effort when it comes to talking with friends.
  6. Run 2 1oK races
    Categories: Improve physical and mental fitness
    I will be signing up for at least 2 10K races. These races will be in different parts of the year. I need to get a better time on the second one, and if not I will do another one. It's the hope that the races will be far enough apart to make sure I don't let down in the middle.
  7. Improve weight lifting regime
    Categories: Improve physical and mental fitness
    I want to continue going to the gym, with it being a 2x a week thing at minimum. This, in conjunction with running, will help me reach my fitness goals. I will be planning on trying to switch up the routine every 3 weeks. This will help me learn more about training
  8. Eat a more balanced diet
    Categories: Improve physical and mental fitness
    As I'm getting older (not that much older) I've started to notice my metabolism slowing. This means I have to watch what I eat and make more of an effort to eat healthier things. I also need to curb the later night snacking.
  9. Fun, side projects
    Categories: Improve range of skills at work
    I plan on creating a minimum of 3 side projects over the year. They will be purely for learning. One of the things I want to do is display my professional experience in a cool way. Already have an idea for this, just need to execute on it.

Let's see how it goes! Until next time...

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